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Helping ostomates for more than 20 years... We are here to help.

We help Ostomates and
their Caregivers

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Avoid leakages and peri-stomal skin issues

  • Improve appliance fit
  • Use accessories more effectively
  • Reduce change time and effort
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Understand the vast array of product options

  • Our ostomy specialists are well trained on the lastest ostomy products, stoma management products, insurance reimbursements.
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We bill your insurance

  • We handle the insurance paperwork
  • We provide routine reorder reminders
  • We provide a dedicated product specialist with extensive training in product reimbursement
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We ship products to your door

  • Orders shipped same day for fast delivery (98% fill rates)
  • Thousands of Ostomy products available
  • Friendly service and support

Thousands of Products from the top Brands Delivered to your Door

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